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Please support our project! 

 The Town of Ogema & the RM of Key West No. 70 are seeking your assistance in securing the funds to expand the use of our winter recreational facilities during their off season. We seek assistance to create basketball & pickleball courts on the floor of our skating rink.

  This will provide 2 great additional recreation options for our residents for a marginal investment. It will also ensure the facility can be used and enjoyed year-round, instead of just 6 months per year for the skating season. By offering these two activities under one roof, we best utilize the space and ensure we target and cater to the interests of a strong mix of our town’s demographics.

  This project is scheduled for completion by April 15th, 2024.


  • Increase physical fitness of residents

  • Increase the use of our existing infrastructure in off-seasons.

  • Provide recreational amenities that appeal to different age groups in town.

  • Foster multi-generational spaces that encourage community bonding through recreation


Project Requirements:

Create the Courts: Measure out & paint court lines


Materials Required: Paint & Labour   Cost: $750

Funds to Raise: $0 - Donated by Ogema Orchard

Get Some Nets


2 Basketball Nets  Cost: $ 2,031.74

Funds to Raise: $ 2,031.74

1 Pickleball Net    Cost: $ 1,015.87

Funds to Raise: $ 1,015.87

Get Equipped

6 Basketballs.   Cost:$ 338.93

Funds to Raise: $0 – Donation Secured

Pickleball Paddles & Balls

12 Paddles & 18 Pickleballs    Cost: $194.96

Funds to Raise: $0 – Donation Secured

Dust Mop.    Cost: $147.59

Funds to Raise: $0 – Donation Secured 

Total Outstanding Funds to Raise: $3,047.61

To donate or support this project,
please reach out!

Contact Information:

Colton Moore - Director, Community Recreations

306 459 9000 |

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