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More About Town of Ogema


The Ogema area is an internal drainage basin. This means that spring melt-water and rainwater drain into low areas within the region, rather than into a river or stream system. Typically, these sloughs mark regional low spots and are fed by a series of interconnected sloughs called kettle chains. In effect, the Ogema area is a basin.

Our system is made up of a variety of soils including Ardill clay loams and Sceptre heavy clays. Generally, the area south of Ogema is Class 4 and 5, suitable for grazing, while the area north of town is 60% Class 3, suitable for annual crop production, with bands of Class 4 and 5 running in a north-to-south direction throughout the municipality.


In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Ogema had a population of 383 living.  Numerous Filipinos live in the town, many of whom initially arrived to work at the hog operations.

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