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The Town of Ogema, like any community, relies on volunteers to stay vibrant and progressive.

New Swimming Pool Project(Completed)

Opened in Summer 2022, the Ogema Swimming Pool is located in Ogema Regional Park. A fantastic place to spend a day and have some fun. 

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Grand Stand Restoration Project

At nearly a century old, the Ogema Grandstand has been a staple of our town for most of it's existence. Ogema is raising money to restore this structure and ensure it can be enjoyed for another 100 years. Please feel free to reach out should you wish to support the project. 

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Ogema Courts Project

 The Town of Ogema & the RM of Key West No. 70 are seeking your assistance in securing the funds to expand the use of our winter recreational facilities during their off season. We seek assistance to create basketball & pickleball courts on the floor of our skating rink.

  This will provide 2 great additional recreation options for our residents for a marginal investment. It will also ensure the facility can be used and enjoyed year-round, instead of just 6 months per year for the skating season. 

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